Funding OS | The tool for raising venture capital

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Funding OS is a tool that helps you to acquire and manage venture capital for your upcoming project or current business.

If you want to acquire venture capital instantly try Funding OS Pro with more than 25,000 investor contacts supercharged.

It works like a CRM system that is adjusted to the demands of fundraising. The tool supports you in all steps of the process. 

Supports Pre-SeedSeed / Series A / Series B rounds.The average of funding achieved is between $ 10,000 and $ 2,500,000.

Funding OS is based on Notion - the number one information management tool for individuals and teams. It is shipped as a template which can be duplicated and used in Notion in one click.

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We are working as consultants for founders and startups since five years and helped to successfully raise funds for their businesses amongst other things.

In order to manage investor relations and to collaborate with business owners we tried multiple approaches and software tools. What has worked best for our clients and us was this Notion template.

How it works

To successfully close a fundraising round you will be in touch with many potential investors. Funding OS ties investment companies, contacts and activities together in a nifty way in order for you to maintain overview of all proceedings. The architecture of the tool automatically steers you towards winning the funding rounds.

Funding OS is based on the approach of traditional CRM systems (such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Freshworks, ZOHO) with adjustments for the particular needs of investor relationship management.


  • Dashboard
    See the status of your funding rounds, your investor relations and your upcoming activities at a glance. Quickly add new activities or investor opportunities from here.

  • Funding
    Manage funding rounds and understand where you are in the process of closing the desired deal(s) to receive the funding. Supports Seed / Series A / Series B funding rounds.

  • Investors
    Find all your investors in one place and quickly add potentially candidates. Manage the full process of landing a deal with each investor through the status pipeline (researched, contacted, pitched, diligence, won).

  • Contacts
    As you will be in touch with employees of fundraising organisations this is to manage the relationship with them (email, LinkedIn, Twitter, phone, etc) as well as to take notes and follow up on important activities.

  • Activities
    Scheduling an email campaign or pitching to investors can be planned within this section of the tool. It helps you to keep track and follow up on opportunities.

All features have intersection points with each other. Example: Contacts are associated with activities and investors. Through this relation you can also see which activities are coming up for a particular investor.

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Funding OS | The tool for raising venture capital

19 ratings
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